ALBUM REVIEW: Warbeast’s “B.C. A.D.”

ARTIST: Warbeast + ALBUM: B.C. A.D. + LABEL: Metal Rising + RELEASE DATE: MAR 20, 2019 As the Dallas metal scene and fans worldwide continue to grieve … More

LIVE REVIEW: Wizards of Gore, Life of Scars, Creeper, Iron Jaw, & Chemicaust – 4/21/18 @ The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX

It was a special night at the Rail Club. Not only were the guys from Rigor Mortis (playing as Wizards … More

INTERVIEW: Phil Anselmo on Songwriting, Collaboration, & New “Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue” LP

Phil Anselmo works his ass off. In the last two years he has released a Superjoint LP, two Scour EP’s, … More

Bruce Corbitt and Scott Shelby Preview the New Warbeast LP “Enter the Arena” Track-by-Track

Having released their last record Destroy in 2013, Dallas-Fort Worth’s thrash metal giants Warbeast return with their latest LP Enter the Arena … More

LIVE REVIEW: Kreator, Obituary, Midnight, Horrendous, & Warbeast – 3/22/17 @ House of Blues, Dallas, TX

It’s a diverse lineup featuring a little something for everyone, be it thrash, death, or just good old metal.

LIVE REVIEW: Superjoint, Battlecross, Child Bite, + Warbeast – 1/14/17 @ The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX

If the bodies flying around the Rail Club were any indication, this was already a great evening and the headliners haven’t even played.

LIVE REVIEW: Superjoint, Tombs, & Warbeast – 11/12/16 @ Gas Monkey Live, Dallas, TX

Only pausing to encourage pit-action, Anselmo & his band were in a great mood, even if their songs are pure piss and vinegar.

INTERVIEW: Bruce Corbitt on Wizards, Warbeasts, & Filmmaking

“Now all of sudden people are calling us legends and influences & I’m like, man for 17 years no one thought about me or Rigor Mortis.”

LIVE REVIEW: Wizards of Gore – 3/28/16 @ Three Links, Dallas, TX

Some 30 years ago in the City of Dallas, Texas, emerging thrash metal legends Rigor Mortis played a gig with Glenn Danzig … More