LIVE REVIEW: Ministry – 12/12/18 @ Gas Monkey Live, Dallas, TX

Unless it’s a bands debut album, it’s unheard of that anyone plays every song from their latest release. In fact, … More

INTERVIEW: Al Jourgensen Talks Art, Politics, & New Ministry LP “AmeriKKKant”

“If an artist tries to cater to what they think the listeners want to hear then you’ve really defeated the whole purpose of art.”

LIVE REVIEW: Ministry & Death Grips – 11/11/17 @ Gas Monkey Live, Dallas, TX

You can always count on Ministry to give you a visceral, louder-than-hell performance.

25 Years Later – Paul Elledge on the Art of Ministry’s “Psalm 69” LP

“I would take really perfect photos & knock them down a little bit by doing things to them. Which is basically what Al was doing with sound.”

LIVE REVIEW: Ministry – 9/24/16 @ NRG Park, Houston, TX

When “Thieves” ended most of us just stood there in disbelief that this set just flew by in front of us. It was intense and completely satisfying.