INTERVIEW: Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein on Touring, Fan Expectations, & Future Plans

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is a tough interview. The intimidating guitarist of the Misfits, who is currently touring with his … More

LIVE REVIEW – Doyle, Ghoultown, Rivethead, & Bad Blood – 10/26/18 @ Trees, Dallas, TX

Pulling into to Dallas for their second U.S. run behind last years As We Die LP, the eponymous band of Misfits … More

ALBUM REVIEW: Cancerslug’s “F**k the B******t”

Often lewd, gory, or otherwise wicked, Cancerslug isn’t for everyone. But, there’s no denying the brutal punch packed in each song.

LIVE REVIEW: Doyle – 10/29/15 @ Trees, Dallas, TX

The songs performed live rise above the recorded versions due to the sheer intensity and energy that the band brings to the show.