LIVE REVIEW: The Ghost of Paul Revere & Shovelin Stone – 2/25/22 @ The Bluebird Theater, Denver CO

No strangers to life on the road, The Ghost of Paul Revere have built quite the reputation for themselves as road-warriors of American folk. With that being said, life on the road isn’t always easy. Two nights ago while getting some much needed rest at a hotel in Aurora, Colorado, the band’s trailer was stolen in the middle of the night. It’s a story we hear all too often. All of their equipment, all of their merchandise, gone in the blink of an eye. It would’ve been easy for the band to throw in the towel and cancel the remaining dates on the tour to regroup, but that’s not how The Ghost of Paul Revere does things. Last night, just 24 hours after having the rug swept out from under their feet, the Maine quartet rolled into the Bluebird Theater in Denver for a performance that I’m sure they, nor the crowd, will soon forget. 

As the doors opened at 7pm, the crowd slowly trickled into the beautiful halls of the Bluebird Theater. The drinks began to flow and by the time the local opener Shovelin Stone took the stage, the house was packed. Sounds of Americana folk and country filled the theater as the crowd began to dance the night away. Shovelin Stone is composed of Makenzie Willow on guitar and vocals, Russick Smith on the bass and cello, Zak Thrall on banjo, and Brett Throgmorton on the drums. The musicianship was tight and the energy was high. Shovelin Stone delivered a set that combined bluegrass with a little bit of country twang. During the set, Russick took off his prized cowboy hat and passed it around the room to collect donations for The Ghost of Paul Revere. It was a truly admirable gesture and demonstrated just how close and supportive the music community can be. It doesn’t matter if you are a national touring act or the local opener, everyone is in it for the same reason, the love of music. Shovelin Stone are passionate musicians who are mastering their craft. I’m certain they won over more than just a few fans with last night’s performance. 

Finally the time had come for The Ghost of Paul Revere. It was evident as soon as the quartet hit the stage that all of the stress of the past day had disappeared. Spirits were high and the love for being on stage conquered all. The set kicked off with “Love at Your Convenience” and “Wild Child.” The crowd was singing along the entire set, at times loud enough to take over the PA. The drums were heavy, the banjo was crisp, and the vocal harmonies were like nothing you’d ever heard. Griffin Sherry, Max Davis, Sean McCarthy, and Chuck Gagne never disappoint. The set was flawless. If you weren’t told, you’d never know the set was performed with instruments that were just borrowed or purchased at the local guitar shop across the street before the show. “Montreal,“ “Hey Girl,” and “San Antone” had the crowd clapping along and swing-dancing across the theater floor. The almost 20 song set ended with an encore of “After Many Miles” and “This is the End” from their 2014 release Believe. The set had a good mix of old and new tracks that spanned the band’s discography. Nobody left disappointed.

Even though the show must go on, losing all of your gear and equipment is never fun. If you have the means to go and order some merchandise from the band online (or contribute to their gofundme), I’m sure they would greatly appreciate it. If you are not familiar with The Ghost of Paul Revere, I highly recommend changing that. I can’t wait to see you all again.

– Corey Smith

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