LIVE REVIEW: Waxahatchee – 10/01/21 @ The Granada Theater, Dallas, TX

Vaccinated and masked listeners gathered at the Granada Theater for Katie Crutchfield and the band Waxahatchee. Having released their most recent record (St. Cloud) in 2020, the event offered a reminder of what the world looked like prior to Covid. Indeed, as the backdrop hovered at the back of the stage, listeners eagerly tasted the electricity in the air as the band performed. 

Personally, one of the heaviest moments was when the band performed their cover of “Chapel of Pines. As Katie performed the crowd grew silent, and when she asked “Will you go?” – we all knew the answer.  Katie swayed back and forth with the dream-like essence of Janis Joplin, reminding all of us what music is really about. You need not see the faces of the crowd to know that this show was giving a much-needed drink to those of us who thrive on community and music.  

As the night went on, Waxahatchee continued the dream-state that comes with their music. Songs like “Lilac” and “War” tell stories that all of us can relate. This band touches those from all walks of life – and looking around the room, you could see people of all ages and demographics coming together and thriving on these “good time” vibes that emanated from the stage. This band is a classic lesson in not judging a book by its cover. Behind the flowers intertwined with the equipment, and the flowing dress worn by Katie, stands a powerful presence that is directly translated into their music. Expect an overwhelming feeling of awe when you hear Katie sing, not only covers that sound as if she curated them herself, but lyrics that seem to have been plucked straight from your own soul.  This band has mastered the bridge between head, heart, and soul.  

As the night closed down, Waxahatchee came back for an encore and performed “Under a Rock,” “Ruby Falls,” and their cover of “Light of a Clear Blue Morning,” leaving the crowd still asking for more, but with memories that will be locked into their minds forever. It was again a small, yet much-needed taste of what the world looked like prior to 2021. Nevertheless, a small step toward normalcy.

– Lauren Frederick

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