LIVE REVIEW: In Flames, Red, Arrival of Autumn, & Cutthroat Conspiracy – 12/20/19 @ Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill, Dallas, TX

Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill kept toasty by the mighty In Flames.

Local favorites Cutthroat Conspiracy kicked things off around 6:45 on Friday night at Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill. They are a solid fit for this heavy bill and had a good circle pit going within the first three songs of the set. They also opened for In Flames during a rainstorm the last time they came through. Cutthroat has gone through some lineup changes recently and seem to be hitting their stride again. They brought good energy and really got everyone warmed up for the evening.

Cutthroat Conspiracy @ Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill, Dallas, TX. Photo by Brently Kirksey.

Arrival of Autumn was the second band of the night and the first of the tour package. Touring behind their recent release, Harbinger, they are fast and a bit heavier. Building upon the energy Cutthroat developed, front man Jamison Friesen took full command of the space and amped everything up to 11. Every member showed solid movement from stage left to stage right. Temperatures began to drop and the pit started to open wider. People had to move to stay warm, even with the new cover installed over the top of the outdoor venue. The cold didn’t stop these guys from playing technical, hard-hitting metal.

Red started the last half of the night. This was my first time catching them live and I am disappointed in myself for not catching them sooner. Every single member of this band goes off from the first note to the last. Michael Barnes has bountiful energy, it seems, leaping from risers, straddling from stage to guard rail, throwing kicks, and even some water, on some unfortunately extra cold fans. They sounded extremely polished and even though it was the last night of the long run, you couldn’t tell. I really enjoyed “Breathe Into Me,” the crowd got going in the breakdowns, jumping and pushing forward. I plan on catching them as much as I can from here on out.

Red @ Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill, Dallas, TX. Photo by Brently Kirksey.

The time had come for the mighty In Flames to light up the venue. The crowd was the fullest I’d ever seen, but I feel that’s due to the new cover and addition of VIP tables on stage right cutting down tremendously on space. Their 18 song set touched on multiple albums, letting you get a taste of everything In Flames has to offer. They started off the set with “Cloud Connected,” followed by probably their biggest hit, “Only For The Weak,” sending the crowd into a frenzy. Bodies began falling forward and surfing over head. Anders Fridén seemed to be right at home in Dallas, interacting with the crowd and thanking them for sticking out the lack luster weather for the second year in a row. The playing was extremely tight and showed little to no error. The fans ate it up from start to finish, moving constantly. The rains held out and In Flames sent everyone home a little warmer.

– Brently Kirksey

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