ALBUM REVIEW: Blacktop Mojo’s “Under The Sun”

ARTIST: Blacktop Mojo + ALBUM: Under The Sun + LABEL: Independent + RELEASE DATE: SEP 13, 2019

Palestine, Texas band Blacktop Mojo is set to release their third studio album, Under The Sun, on September 13th. A lot has happened since the group released their 2017 album, Burn The Ships, and the anticipation for this new release has grown considerably.

Under The Sun shows a more experienced and focused band that has found its voice. From the first notes of the lead track, “Lay It On Me,” the southern tinged grunge exudes from every lyric sung by vocalist Matt James and continues throughout the rest of the album while the instrumentalists blaze their own trail through the bluesy “It Won’t Last,” only to switch the vibe all together plowing straight into the pure rock and roll of “All Mine Now.” Guitarists Ryan Kiefer and Chuck Wepfer stand out on every song – from blues-oriented riffs to double guitar shredding, bringing to mind classic Judas Priest or Iron Maiden – while bassist Matt Curtis and drummer Nathan Gillis provide grooves that you rarely find in modern rock music. Every single member of the band brings their A game and stand out in their own way without compromising anything from the overall sound.

Throughout the albums 10 songs there is not a moment that you are not drawn into every note and lyric that is coming your way and anxiously await what is coming  next. In a crowded world of mediocre rock and roll offerings, Blacktop Mojo are doing everything to set themselves apart as artists that are doing all the right things to take the next step in their evolution. To put a wrapper on the album as a whole, I can honestly tell you that I have been listening to the album at home, in my car, and at the gym since the day I received my copy three weeks ago and there have been some major releases by other artists that I have put aside in favor of Under The Sun.

– Robb Miller



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