INTERVIEW: Paul S. is Homesick. Talks New EP “Bloom”

Debuting his first instrumental EP under the pseudonym Homesick, Paul S.’ Bloom will take you through emotions that you didn’t even know you could feel.

The title track sets the perfect tone for the entire EP. It is somber throughout, but it gets increasingly more upbeat with progressive guitar chords, just to dip back down into the somber chords from which it started. And once more the tempo rises and falls. You can almost visualize a field of flowers blooming in the springtime and slowly dying out in the winter, just to rise and fall as the seasons continue to change.

“Sleep” is even more melancholic. The track opens with the backtrack of rain pouring and fades into a more electronic beat. This song is absolutely brilliant. It brings about the perfect imagery to those negative thoughts that race through your mind on sleepless nights. The blend of rhythmic guitar, particularly around the 2.5 minute mark, and the electronic beats unite to project the feeling of wanting to sleep, but the thoughts are just too loud to do so. This is a brilliantly crafted song that could be on par with Nothing, NowhereThe next track “Sinking,” which is more in tune with a melodic hardcore song, is the perfect track for the middle of the album. It is definitely the peak of the EP, where the songs start to pick up a faster tempo, while still retaining that solemn feel of the first two songs. The song leads nicely into the fourth track, “Memory,” which continues with the faster tempo set by the previous song, but now the emotion feels quite different, it’s almost as if the sadness has melted into a more anger or grief stricken feeling.

“Solace” retains a similar melodic hardcore sound like the previous two tracks. This one however, evokes a different emotion. The grief feeling is transformed into one…of well, solace. This track reminds me of one of my all time favorite Paramore songs, “Future,” as it feels very raw and it takes you through ups and downs. It fades in and out. It makes you feel validated for feeling whatever emotion you’ve got pent up in your chest and locked into your brain and the music helps ease it into a more comfortable feeling.

I am blown away at the amount of emotion that is jam packed in this short five song EP. On the more technical aspects of it, the EP is very neatly polished and professional sounding. If you are a fan of melodic hardcore, you will enjoy the complexity of this album. It leaves you feeling very raw and only wanting more music that’ll keep you occupied on a journey through your emotions. If you would like to support the artist, you can now stream the album on Spotify or pay what you want for it on bandcamp, with all proceeds being donated to a suicide awareness nonprofit. Bloom is dedicated to the recently departed Davarious Jackson, a genuinely wonderful human being and incredibly talented artist and musician. Rest in power, Davarious.

Text and interview by Lauren Frederick. 

You’ve been writing music for a long time. What was the inspiration for writing and releasing an EP at this point in time?

So much has happened in the last few months and I needed an outlet and a goal to work towards. From losing my fiancé, to losing my house, to my best friend taking his own life. My world seemed to have been ripped right from under me and playing guitar and writing was the only thing I could do to get myself out of bed. It’s very cathartic to me and I hope it one day helps someone else that also like their bones are made of stone. BLOOM is available for free or “name your price” and all proceeds are going to an anti-suicide nonprofit.

Did you have any influences (other musicians, family, friends, feelings, etc.?) that inspired you to write music for this EP?

My best friend, Davarious Jackson, is my biggest influence for anything music related. I think about him every day and “sleep” is my take on his electronic style. He taught me most of what I know. I listen to more 80s pop than anything. DFW is filled to the brim right now with bands absolutely killing it.

Are there reasons you decided to release the record under a new pseudonym? Could you tell us what Homesick means to you?

In a sense; nostalgia. For me, home is more the people that love you, and less the roof over your head. You don’t know the good days are the good ones until they’re gone, you know? Sometimes I feel like I’m just away from home.

Are all instruments and writing done by you?

That’s all me for instruments, writing, recording, programming and mixing/mastering (or lack thereof, lol).

You mentioned a while ago that you’re working on music with one of your favorite bands, any chance you’ll give us a hint as to what you’re up to?

Don’t wanna count my eggs before they hatch, but if everything goes according to plan we will have a four song EP coming out soon.

What do you hope that people will get out of this record?

I’ve heard some gut-wrenching situations from complete strangers online telling me that my music helped their day, or whatever. And to me that is absolutely mind blowing. To invoke a feeling in someone else.

Are you planning to keep writing music?

I’ve already started the second EP. I hope to one day produce and record for bands.

Do you plan to play any local live shows soon?

Yes, a lot of plans! I am blessed to be working with some great musicians to help bring this vision to the stage.

What can we expect from the future?

So long as I am breathing, I will be making tunes. It’s one thing I truly enjoy doing.

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