LIVE REVIEW: iDKHOW & Superet – 4/30/19 @ The Cambridge Room at House of Blues, Dallas, TX

Last night, the House of Blues was packed with potentially the most insane scheduling at the venue in a long time. They hosted the bands Wallows and I Don’t Know How But They Found Me on the same night, which meant that the line to get in the building was a ten minute walk down the block. With that being said, I knew exactly what I was getting into by attending this show: hipsters and a bunch of screaming teenage girls as far as the eye could see. With what reminded me of a Jonas Brothers concert in 2010, it’s safe to say that I definitely wore my ear protection last night as there were constant waves of high-pitched screaming.

The night kicked off at exactly 8:00pm with the five-piece indie-pop band Superet. With a stage way too small for five people and all of their equipment, they still had a fair amount of energy to boast. I was impressed by the complexity of their sound, especially the keyboard bits that were ingeniously worked in at the high and low points during their songs. With their first full-length album to be released later this month, they were definitely ripe with energy and eager to share their music with the crowd in front of them.

I entered this show with very little knowledge of iDKHOW, only having a basic understanding of the type of music they played. I have to admit that the amount of admiration that they draw from the crowd was a very cool thing to see. The division in the room had an interesting dynamic where the younger fans were up front and huddled together and all of the older people (probably parents) were in the back leaning on the bar, very spread out. Whether or not they were fans of iDKHOW, everyone seemed to be having a great time. This was probably due to the upbeat and pleasant sound of their music. Each song was catchy, whether it be from Dallon Weekes’ honestly beautiful voice and exciting guitar tones or the infectious rhythm of Ryan Seaman’s drumming. Although I haven’t listened to much of their music, I immediately got the gist of their schtick and to say that iDKHOW is the lovechild of Panic! At The Disco and Twenty-One Pilots would be a pretty accurate description. I can see why this duo has such a huge following. I came in with pretty solid expectations and I left actually having a pleasant experience and an appreciation for Dallon and Ryan and what they are doing with iDKHOW.

– Lauren Frederick

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