LIVE REVIEW: Soulfly – 1/26/19 @ Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill, Dallas, TX

Twenty-four hours following the news that the Dallas metal community had lost their beloved Bruce Corbitt (Warbest/Rigor Mortis) to cancer, they gathered on Saturday night at the Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill to let off some steam. Four local bands were lined up ahead of Incite and headliners Soulfly. Trouble + One, Hell’s Half Acre, Bad Blood, and LeRoy the Prophet kicked things off for an impressively large crowd who got there early when the show kicked off at 6:30 pm.

Just before Soulfly’s set, Thrashin’ Alan of KNON took the stage to lead the crowd in a chant of “COR-BITT.” With their arms held in the air mimicking Corbitt’s famous claw, the emotional moment was one of solidarity more than grief. Doubtless, everyone is still wrapping their heads around the news of his passing, but last night wasn’t a memorial, but a night of fucking metal. Based on how the full-house reacted throughout the night, it was exactly what everyone needed.

Soulfly @ Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill, Dallas, TX. Photo by Corey Smith.

Soulfly kicked things off with the title track to their most recent album, Ritual, and immediately got the crowd moving. They would play another 3-4 songs from Ritual, including “Dead Behind the Eyes,” “Under Rapture,” and “Demonized,” then cull songs from across their discography to round out the set. “Arise Again” from the Babylon LP and “Eye for an Eye” from their self-titled 1998 debut album got a huge charge from the crowd. Cavalera constantly encouraged pit-action, fist-pumping, and sing-along’s as his band of erstwhile guitarist Marc Rizzo, bassist Mike Leon, and Cavalera’s son and drummer Zyon injected each moment of each song with an undeniable energy. For what was only the second night of the tour, the band was flawless, like they’d been touring these songs for weeks. Rizzo was especially great as he shredded through his leads and solos while simultaneously stomping, jumping, or banging his head. Leon and Cavalera (the drummer) were in lock-step all night long. Holding the rhythm together, they allowed Rizzo to soar or Cavalera (the front man) to bellow as needed.

Certainly inspired to tour their latest release (read our recent interview with Max, here), Soulfly put on an incredible show in front of the packed house at Gas Monkey. I’ve yet to see Soulfly not put on a great show, but they seem particularly fired-up on this tour. When they come through your town, your ass better be there. See the link for tour dates and tickets after the gallery.

– J. Kevin Lynch (words); Corey Smith (photos)

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Soulfly 2019 Tour Dates and Tickets, click here.

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