SCENE: SuperSonic Lips @ Ruins -12/15/18

Don’t call it a comeback! After a whole year of not playing shows, local rock band SuperSonic Lips brought down the house at Deep Ellum’s own Ruins. If they hadn’t mentioned the hiatus, any first time on-looker wouldn’t have even known because of how flawlessly their chemistry is as a band.  Vocalist and synth player Yaya, joined by guitarist Saulo, bassist Micky, and drummer Jawdat provided natural, raw and eclectic energy, backed by an exciting light show that made the tiny Ruins stage feel as if it was a bigger venue like House of Blues or the Bomb Factory.

SuperSonic Lips @ Ruins, Dallas, TX. Photo by Lauren Frederick.

From a semi-crowded room to a packed house by the time SuperSonic Lips took the stage, everyone was having a great time jamming out with this eclectic rock band. They kicked off their set right around midnight and immediately brought the heat to a very chilly night in Dallas.  Bringing in people of all ages and cliques, from older metal heads to youthful pop enthusiasts, and even one guy that looked like Crocodile Dundee. They attracted the diversity that encompasses Deep Ellum and had the entire mixed crowd on their feet and moving along with their infectious energy. There couldn’t have been a better place to escape the cold weather on a Saturday night.

If you haven’t heard of SuperSonic Lips before, I recommend that you keep an eye out for them in the upcoming year because they are back and ready to rock all the way to the big stage. If you are a Dallas local that likes fun, catchy rock music, give these guys a listen and keep those eyes peeled for the new album they’ll be releasing in 2019. And be sure to catch one of their live gigs, the professional sound and light design will blow you away. Give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop so you can catch their next show.

– Lauren Frederick

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