LIVE REVIEW: Incite, Aethere, Tricounty Terror, & Protest – 8/11/18 @ The Curtain Club, Dallas, TX

With a few other much anticipated gigs in Deep Ellum, the turnout for Incite (Arizona), Aethere (California), Tricounty Terror (Texas), and Protest (Texas) was a bit more sparse than expected. When headliners Incite hit the stage and no one was really around waiting, I nearly got angry. But, I was shortly relieved as a few dozen people headed back inside from the patio as the band started rolling out their opening songs. All night, eagerness and stage energy compensated for the (unnoticeable) lack of heads.

TriCounty Terror-4
Tricounty Terror @ The Curtain Club. Photo by DeLisa McMurray.

And how captivating Tricounty Terror is! I really dig what these women are about, have for years. When they’re doing they’re thing, one just can’t look away. But, why would you want to? Now, I wasn’t able to shoot much of Aethere’s set due to some complications, but man, do they deliver – and every time! They’ve got some new stuff coming too, and frankly, I don’t think it’d be a good idea to miss it. There’s a new single in the works – remember their song “Suffering // Departure” off of the 2017 album Adrift? Channel those vibes. Yep, I’m excited, too.

Another group that never disappoints is Protest. I couldn’t get much of their set either, but as always, loyal fans were impatient to catch these Dallas locals. Though they’ve been around since 2003, I’ve only known about the guys for a handful of years. During these few years I’ve never been disappointed by or even “eh’d” by a performance.  Like I said, this particular date didn’t have as many folks as I expected, but I can’t think of a single night where fans both familiar and unfamiliar weren’t completely enthusiastic & engaged by the band.

Incite @ The Curtain Club. Photo by DeLisa McMurray.

I’d like to note how much of an ear worm the new Incite track “Built to Destroy” is! The neighborhood was treated to the track off of the band’s upcoming album, and it hasn’t left my head ever since the performance (not like I want it to).

– DeLisa McMurray

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