SCENE: Cutthroat Conspiracy, Headstitch, Hunt the Dinosaur, Suffer the Human Condition, & Civil Unrest @ The Rail Club – 7/27/18

A Cutthroat come back!

Civil Unrest got the evening going around 8 p.m. They’re an up-and-coming act with influences from Avenged Sevenfold, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, and Trivium – plus many more. I have seen these guys quite a few times now and they have generally improved every time. While still incredibly new to the DFW scene, they are extremely hungry and can pull a crowd. Their stage presence is improving tremendously along with overall musicianship. Keep an eye out for these guys.

Suffer the Human Condition @ The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX. Photo by Brently Kirksey.

Suffer The Human Condition built upon the momentum that Civil Unrest started. They are extremely heavy with a beat down style of music. The crowd was starting to fill in as their set was mid-performance. With influences from Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris, and the Black Dahlia Murder they came to melt faces. They have been opening up for some major acts in the past and they’re building a name based on always bringing a strong energy to the stage.

Hunt the Dinosaur @ The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX. Photo by Brently Kirksey.

Hunt the Dinosaur are a prehistoric kick to the teeth. Taking the stage around 9:40  pm and picking up where the two heavy acts before them left off, they kept the crowds energy going with a stage presence that’s like a club to the Head. A progressive deathcore band from Dallas, kept alive by Hunter Madison and Brice Butler, Hunt the Dinosaur has been building a name for themselves since 2014. Hunter’s vocal prowess allows them to hit some crazy highs. These guys are all over the place and are technically sound when it comes to live performances. While they may not exactly be my cup of tea, they seriously do what they do well.

Headstitch @ The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX. Photo by Brently Kirksey.

Headstitch have been a staple in the local DFW metal scene for quite some time. A deathcore metal band with a groove to it, they have put in the work and have built the reputation that they deserve. Their stage presence is always something to behold with masks and great stage movement during the songs. David McClanahan has never lacked in any performance I’ve seen to date. Even with some member changes, adding Kevin St. John on bass, they still have their signature sound and generally pull a pretty decent crowd. If you get the chance, definitely check them out.

The moment of the evening finally arrived!  Cutthroat Conspiracy’s last performance was October 7, 2017, opening for Memphis May Fire and Norma Jean. The journey to this day has been a long, bumpy road. Member loss, and the rebuilding process that led to this point, made it a triumphant return for the band. The crowd had packed in quite a bit over the course of the evening and were ready to see the new faces of Cutthroat Conspiracy. Leading off with “Decadence,” the new single that’s on Spotify, and has a lyric video on YouTube, the band set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Cutthroat Conspiracy @ The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX. Photo by Brentley Kirksey.

Playing hits like “Ashes,” “Leap Of Faith,” and “Comfort in Darkness,” the crowd chanted along with ecstatic enthusiasm and the guys seemed to feed off their energy. Interacting with the crowd is something they’ve always been good at, but tonight fans were beaming and screaming with appreciation. A lot of members from other local bands, such as Disposition and Forget Conformity we’re also out to catch the comeback show. It felt like they never left. Musically, they sounded whole and full, backing the deep vocals of Cameron Dawson. They ended the night with one of their most popular songs, “One Missed Call.” The band had the crowd singing along to every line. I’m excited to see how these guys can polish it up and push the performance and sound to the next level. Catch Cutthroat Conspiracy at their next show on September, 15th 2018, at Reno’s in Deep Ellum.

– Brently Kirksey


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