LIVE REVIEW: Whores., Bummer, & Bulls – 4/7/18 @ The Ridglea Room, Fort Worth, TX

Dear Whores.,

My excitement at seeing you perform live was at a fever pitch. Having played your wonderful album Gold. constantly since its release, I could not wait to see you for the first time. Sadly, I was severely disappointed in the crowd on hand for your set at the Ridglea Room. Right in front of the stage, there were four or five people who were simply entranced by your set and loved every single minute of your noise-y, punk-y, sludge-y feast. Everyone standing behind them had the enthusiasm of a pile of wet blankets.

As you roared through the material from Gold. and your first two EP’s, I was simply blown away. However, when you were re-tuning between songs the silence from the crowd was deafening. I regret not screaming out “FUCKING WHORES!!!” at that moment. I suppose I was mentally processing what I was witnessing from this lethargic and unappreciative crowd. Nevertheless, in spite of their supreme lame-ness, you guys put everything into it. I respect the shit out of that. The dynamics that can be heard on your recordings are even more impressive live. Donnie (Adkinson) may be my new favorite drummer. As he and bassist Casey (Maxwell) anchored the songs, it gave Christian (Lembach) room to stretch mammoth riffs into pure noise and bring it back around again. As the songs went from sublime to demented in a matter of seconds, I was fascinated that you guys were always in complete control.

Before your set, I was encouraged that it was going to be a great night based on the performances of local boys Bulls and Kansas City’s Bummer. Actually, I had never seen Bulls. But, I was really impressed with their set. There are few musicians out there who can play drums and sing at the same time, but dude from Bulls killed it. This is definitely a band I’ll keep my eye on and I think they were the perfect local support for your show. Bummer was a pleasant surprise as well – and another first for me. They teetered between noise-y mayhem and melodic rock in a way that made you think at any moment the roof may collapse. Indeed, it’s a hard quality to come by these days, but Bummer have it in spades. Thanks for bringing them along.

After your final song, I commiserated with the few fans who seemed to adore what you were doing. I can tell you that the six of us love your band immensely and desperately hope that this gig didn’t sour you on our fair city. Please come back. Please come back, soon. I’ll buy you pizza and beer. I’ll wash your tour bus. Whatever it takes. I want you back.


The Void Report

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