SCENE: Rivethead, The Razorblade Dolls, Secret of Boris, Repulsur, & Phoenix Rising @ Trees – 2/3/18

Five bands were on the bill for Saturday night at Trees. Headlined by veterans Rivethead, the bill had a great mix of glam rock, post-hardcore, industrial, and metal. Though it wasn’t packed by any means, the crowd that assembled were clearly fans of each of the bands performing – and those bands delivered.

Phoenix Rising opened the show with their rap/rock Linkin Park thing. Though their music didn’t appeal to me in the slightest, I’ll give the band credit for giving a lot of energy and spectacle. They had a platform that went across the stage and their singer and rapper guy each took turns atop as if they were playing a sold-out American Airlines Center. They hyped up the crowd and did exactly what they’re supposed to do as the evenings opener.

Repulsur followed and kicked some serious ass. More straight ahead hard-rock with some definite glam influence, the quartet played material from their debut album The After School Special to the delight of everyone on hand. Vocalist Leringitis was captivating. Perched on top of small platform with a fan blowing her hair back, she held the audience in her hand. The band behind her, Kitty (guitar), Dave (bass), and Eddie (drums), were flawless.

Secret of Boris was up next. Delivering an intense post-hardcore set that drew from mostly from their Your Ghost LP. Their songs are dynamic, their melodies are strong, and they exhibit all the traits of band that should soon break free of the “local band” label. Having been in the studio as recently as the night before, they broke out a new track that pleased their stalwart fans and impressed everyone witnessing the band for the first time.

Local industrial/shock veterans The Razorblade Dolls followed with a relentless set that showed exactly why their fans are so dedicated. The band powered through their set like they were setting out for war. Having scaled back the horror theatrics, the band didn’t have any trouble keeping the crowd mesmerized. Who needs to sling blood around when you have a front man as maniacal as Chris Smith? Collectively, the band was spot-on and tireless in their approach. The band is playing with the legendary Skatenigs in Austin next month. Hopefully, we get another local set as they warm up for that show.

Closing out the evening, the always great Rivethead put on a typically ruthless performance. Adorned in fluorescent face paint, the band immediately dove head first into their set. The bands songs are full of great hooks and they got plenty of sing-along action from the crowd. Their rhythm section was in lock-step as their guitarist were razor sharp. Doubtless, their knack for melding electronic sampling with the power of a full band has earned them their strong reputation among the industrial crowd. But, their ability give a great performance elevates them beyond genre restraints. Rivethead is always a must-see when they’ve got a gig in town.

– J. Kevin Lynch (words); DeLisa McMurray (photos)

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