LIVE REVIEW: 3Teeth – 5/28/17 @ Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill, Dallas, TX

Hot on the heels of the release of their new album <shutdown.exe>, Los Angeles’ industrial rockers 3Teeth played the Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill in Dallas, TX. Paying no mind to the opening acts, I made my way from the bar to the concert area as the band was taking the stage. Playing a set covering songs from their latest release and their 2014 debut self-titled album, the band was louder than hell and ready to set things off from the first note.

Opening with “Divine Weapon” from the shutdown album, the bands intensity was immediate. Frontman Alexis Mincolla, mohawked and mustachioed, led the charge as his bandmates pounded on their instruments relentlessly. While many industrial drummers are relegated to keeping metronomic time, 3Teeth’s Andrew Means Andrew Melendez is certainly the exception. Pummeling his drum kit with abandon, he seemed to trigger both the music and the audience when songs would slow or stop and then resume with an explosion.

Xavier Swafford (keyboards) and Andrew Means (modular synth) were also more than just two guys standing behind their instruments. Swafford, frequently lifting his keyboard from its base and slamming it back down, is probably the most exciting live keyboardist I’ve seen in recent memory. Likewise, Means also provided some backing vocals as he made sounds that wavered between pure noise and melody. The band is rounded out by guitarist Chase Brawner who stalked the stage with his domineering presence and razor ship riffs. Effortlessly switching between working the crowd and beating on his guitar, Brawner’s energy was as strong as the rest of the band.

3Teeth Dallas, TX 2017 (2)
3Teeth Live @ Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill, Dallas, TX. Photo by J. Kevin Lynch.

Certainly, Mincolla pulled most of the crowds attention. Singing, screaming, and generally owning the stage and crowd, he possess the presence that many of his genre peers lack. But, it’s truly the passion of the entire band that makes their live show something special. I was a little surprised the crowd wasn’t more physical. They were by no means docile, but it really wasn’t until the set closer, “Master of Decay” from their debut album, that they seemed to let loose. That said, their chants of “3Teeth, 3Teeth” quickly coaxed the band back onstage for one song encore.

Drawing on influences from 90’s industrial music, 3Teeth is not a throwback act. In fact, their brand of industrial is refreshing and fused with a metric shit-ton of anger and energy. Their live performance is likely to win over anyone previously ambivalent to their music. If they’re coming to your town, put them on your must-see list.

– J. Kevin Lynch


3teeth tour dates 2017
3Teeth Tour Dates 2017


  1. To Kevin Lynch,
    You should definitely pay mind to the local/opening acts! As if you didn’t know that all bands are local somewhere! Everyone should be encouraging people to catch the opening acts! And support local Music!
    I think its very desrespectful and shows your low class by you saying, “Paying no mind to the opening acts, I made my way from the bar to the concert area as the band was taking the stage.” And incase you didn’t know The Razorblade Dolls are know and loved worldwide. If you would of took time to see the performance you would of understood why.
    Goddess SoL
    PiX From The PiT

    1. I meant no disrespect to the opening acts with my statement. Though I haven’t written a ton about our local artists, I have supported local bands in DFW-Denton for more than 20 years. This was one show. I appreciate you read my article and will be sure to check out Razorblade Dolls next time I get a chance.

  2. Dude, even if you didn’t watch the local support, was it really necessary to make sure you pointed out that you didn’t watch the local acts? You could have skipped that entire sentence, and I wouldn’t think you’re a total asshat right now.

    But, I guess the new way to make yourself a credible music journalist is to ignore the local music and only focus on the main, national touring act that get reviewed every time they play a show.

    Thanks for helping progress local music!

    1. I am an ass and I also have a hat. Your point is taken, I could’ve left that sentence out. But, I have covered plenty of support acts and local bands in the past. This was one show.

  3. Wooohoo, this is awesome! I love sites that pay no mind to opening bands, because why wouldn’t I? My Name is J Kevin Lynch, and I like my own website! ONE SHOW!!!!! RAWWWWWWWWWWGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  4. “Paying no mind to the opening acts, I made my way from the bar to the concert area as the band was taking the stage.”

    Thank you for this informative piece of schlock. We we make sure to have you on a block list when it comes to any future shows or promotions, since you can’t be bothered to do this kind of thing properly. Lots of local bands deserve attention despite what you and your alcoholism says otherwise. Also, we will be passing it on to our other contacts to ensure that you are denied any free tickets or press passes you may have received previously.

    1. First, let me say that addiction is something that shouldn’t be joked about. I don’t personally suffer from alcoholism, but know people who do or have and it’s not funny at all.

      Secondly, if you’re a professional organization, why wouldn’t you encourage me to cover the opening bands rather than inflict some kind of ban against me after reading one review? There’s obviously a lack of writing on local acts, wouldn’t you want as many writers as possible in your corner?

      Finally, I paid to get into this gig.

      1. The same could be said for your “Paying no mind to the opening acts” nonsense.
        You were the one that felt the need to mention the bar, so what the hell are you going on about?

        Likely they don’t want you covering anyone at all if you can’t do your job correctly nuts for brains.
        You are an embarrassment to other writers that actually do their job, even if they are hobby. No one wants to hear your bullshit of “I paid to get into this gig” nonsense, when you damn well know it goes above and beyond that when you are boasting over 2 decades of shows with as much writing and photos as you have on here and on your pathetic excuse for a Facebook page. You come across as some pathetic fan boy as a whole anyway.

        If you are going to bother writing something like this and have a site like you do, write about everyone or at least leave it out that you ‘paid no mind to the opening acts’ like some douche bag, nose up in the air, pompous fuck, acting like you are too good to listen them and instead you made your “way from the bar” which basically says that you went and drank instead of giving them a chance.
        No one wants lazy writers or people that won’t do their damn job. No one wants any writer in their corner that won’t review the whole damn show titling it as you have and remarking that you ‘paid no mind’ to someone coupled with ‘making your way from the bar’ to see the headliner – that right there shows that you were there the whole time and you ignored them.
        Seriously, quit trying to put reason into the equation as some kind of excuse for what you have written and your actions. You are an asshole and the exact reason why local bands have it so hard.

        “I don’t personally suffer from alcoholism” – so says the person that made their way from the bar and felt the need to mention such. The first step is denial.

        Fuck you and the horse you rode in on with your pinky held high.

  5. What’s with all the butthurt local band people? I never watch opening bands. If I’m there to see [insert band name here] and paid my $30-$100 or whatever the price of admission is does that mean I have to suffer through a bunch off jibber jabber that doesn’t interest me? Do you people go to the big music festivals at the opening of the gates to make sure to see all the 10am struggling nobodies? Seriously, I’ve never in my life seen a bigger bunch of babies getting their diapers soiled over absolutely nothing. Some of us have families and jobs and just getting a couple hours to rock out is a treat. But I guess in your Turd Reich we’re supposed to get the full day off work so we can do full participation. You’re all idiots.

    Oh, and banning someone from seeing the crap that you are mad about them missing . . . that makes a crap ton of sense.

    1. Who said me or any of these other people commenting were in bands?

      Good for you and your ignorance. No one asked for you to be there and you are the epitome of a ‘nobody until you are the biggest fan of said band after they have made it’. I wonder how cool you have to be to have this kind of mentality? It’s on par with being a hipster in reverse, similar to ‘I only listen to radio play’ mentality. You are exactly what is wrong with music and labels in general.

      “Do you people go to the big music festivals at the opening of the gates to make sure to see all the 10am struggling nobodies?”
      Actually, yeah I do. So do a lot of other people. Those “struggling nobodies” are the same people that your mainstream headlining artists were before they broke out and worked enough to get where they are (or got lucky), but hey, they don’t matter to people like you. Basically you are saying you are nobody until you are somebody, which pretty much sums up that you are a nobody your whole life with your attitude, because I mean who the hell cares who the fuck you are unless you have a stadium arena of people, right?
      That’s the epitome of saying: Nah, can’t be talented or worth paying attention to, they just started out.

      “Some of us have families and jobs and just getting a couple hours to rock out is a treat.”
      This wasn’t a festival. It was a damn 3 act show. The openers played for like 30 minutes each and 3Teeth played for like an hour. So yeah, “a couple of hours” – but wait, didn’t you just say that’s a treat? Awesome defense there shit for brains.

      “Oh, and banning someone from seeing the crap that you are mad about them missing . . . that makes a crap ton of sense.”
      About as much sense as that ellipsis you used wrong.
      He was standing at the bar and ignored them. Intentional, on purpose, and without care. Only an asshole does that, same as people that yap yap yap through a whole artist’s performance. If he said they sucked instead or simply didn’t like them it would be a different story entirely, but nope, just this shit of ‘paying no mind’.

      The only moron here is yourself and jkevinlynch, which judging by the sentence structure and related, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are him under another name, in some piss poor attempt at defending this shit.

      On behalf of every band that is just starting out, every local artist, every band that never makes it, and to that band that only has a few fans their whole career, but keeps on playing shows regardless: GO FUCK YOURSELF. I seriously can’t hold up enough middle fingers in your honor.

  6. I’m gonna take a guess and say that “all these” nerds crying about Kevin’s supposed snub is just some wanker in that Razorblade Babies band. I guess he was counting on Kevin to save them from a life of obscurity and poverty by discovering their awesomeness and preaching it to the masses. If it’s so important for you chubs to be heard perhaps you should make more of an effort BEFORE the gigs to get people there. You seem to think the world owes you something just because you’re in a band. Nobody owes you shit. Earn your place, Bucko. Go out there, melt faces, get people talking, hustle the sidewalks pushing fliers at people or throwing keg parties and handing out demo CD’s to anyone you can find. You know . . . . like WORK for it. Lazy ass crybaby. Unlike Kevin who will probably actually listen to your dogshit band and give you a fair assessment, I sure wouldn’t. If you’re this lame off stage I can only imagine the whiny bullshit you serve up when you’re plugged in and might actually have 5 people watching you. So, yeah, I’m positive your music is as terrible as your fragile ego and shit ass personality.

    1. Actually asshole, I’m not in The Razorblade Dolls (or the other unnamed opener, Requiem Rust), but how nice of you to assume and sound like you know a lot about them or me for that matter. For the fact, I am not in any band, but I am sure you will just assume I am in The Razorblade Dolls anyway, so have fun with that.
      Meanwhile I don’t have to assume you are an asshole, you just proved above that you ARE one and that you like to assume a lot of bullshit.

      No one cares about your shit fuck opinion either, talking as if you know them, when in reality sounds like you have your head stuck up your ass and haven’t seen them either by how much shit you are talking. I imagine you probably didn’t give them a chance either, because you think you are too cool for local bands, or let me guess, too busy at the bar like your little loser, denial of being an alcoholic review friend here, am I right? Glub, glub bitch.

      You are just as worthless as the rest of these fucks and the guy doing the reviews on here. Must be cool to live with your head up your ass. Let me guess, view is great but the rest stinks? Cool stories ‘bro’!

  7. I think you meant to say that Andrew Melendez was on drums, unless Andrew Means was actually playing both drums and modular synths at this show.

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